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We’re here to support you every step of the way.

In the weeks leading up to your move-in, CREOs Homeowner Team will walk you through your new home and make sure you are familiar with every feature & amenity.

Homeowner Orientation.

Meet Your New Home.

Our Homeowner team is here to help you settle into your new home.

A few weeks before your move-in date, a member of our Homeowner team will arrange a time to introduce you to your new home. During this orientation you’ll get all the details on home finishing, appliances, water and gas shut-offs, plumbing and any other information you’ll need as the owner of a new CREO home. You’ll also have the chance to ask questions, take measurements and start planning the interior design. During your orientation, we will also make note of anything we can make better in your home before you move in.


New Home Warranty.

Protecting against the unexpected.

Every single CREO home is backed by a third party 2-5-10 new home warranty. This warranty means your home is protected against the unexpected and built to CREOs strict standards, as well as the standards set out by the British Columbia Building Code, municipal regulations, the Homeowner Protection Office and our warranty providers’ requirements. 

Key Pick Up.

Once your home is ready for you to move in, a member of our CREO Homeowner team will meet you for the hand-off of your new keys. During this appointment, you’ll be shown your parking stall, access systems, garbage room, and so on. It’s a big day! Even more than a key pickup, it’s the day the new home is officially yours and you can prepare to move in and start making a CREO new home, your home. 


Homeowner Protection Office.

Your home has been built in accordance with, and to the standards prescribed by the BC Building Code and municipal authorities, the stringent requirements of the Homeowner Protection Office (“HPO”), and our warranty provider.

2 – Year Coverage

The first year of your warranty covers all items related to the materials and workmanship of your home, from drywall to appliances. Any defects to the materials and workmanship supplied for distribution systems such as plumbing, electrical wiring, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) are also covered for the first 2-years.

5 – Year Coverage

Your home’s building envelope is covered for defects for up to five years. The envelope defects covered include those which permit unintended water penetration that could, or do, cause material damage to the home.

10 – Year Coverage

Structural defects warranty covers any defect in materials and labour that results in the failure of a load bearing part of the home, and any defect which causes structural damage that materially and adversely affects the use of the home for residential occupancy. This warranty is good for 10-years.